Infographic: great advice for those new to freelancing

Wanderlust Languages

Hooray for another infographic post! Much as I love infographics, I haven’t gotten around to creating a new one lately, but I’m proud to say that some of my advice for newbie freelancers has been included in this super-helpful graphic from, which is a brand-new resource for freelancers to create, send and manage invoices.

I’ve been freelancing now for around four years (really?!), so I’m certainly not new to this career choice, but I still don’t exactly feel like an expert. That’s why I think it’s great for others in the business – not just translators but other freelance professionals – to network, share advice and generally support each other. It’s not always an ‚easy‘ choice. Us freelancers miss out on a lot of the benefits of steady employment. No sick pay, pension, insurance or paid days off. No regular, guaranteed salary. Work goes up and down, and…

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